An Honest Conversation

An Honest Conversation

There is no script and no choreography and this performance can only ever happen once.

The vision of Sacha Copland, this intriguing creation is unlike anything you’ve seen before, or will ever see again.

Join Java Dance Theatre for an intimate performance, where the audience is seated on the TSB Theatre Stage for an up-close experience of contemporary dance! Artists talk, artists dance, and artists are led by their conversations with each other.

This intimate improvisation is rooted in the often unspoken thoughts of artists, starring Taranaki dancers Sophie Gargan (Wednesday, June 12) and Cheyanne Teka (Thursday, June 13).

Together with Copland they commit to a conversation, aim for honesty and invite you to be a part of a brave and beautiful collaboration.

General Admission


Tickets from $35.00 (service fees apply)



TSB Showplace

Conditions of Entry

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